"New Zealand Modern Collection" by Mr Bigglesworthy


The New Zealand Modern Collection

Marking five years since the opening of their Mr. Bigglesworthy store, Dan and Emma Eagle are proud to present a collection dedicated to design from New Zealand.

The New Zealand Modern Collection tracks the progressive thinking of modern design, which was translated to furniture and objects by a series of leading designers and architects from the 1940s to the 1970s. The collection also includes work by contemporary New Zealand designers, hinting at the legacy the earlier pioneers created.

The modernist designers themselves were variously migrant Europeans, back yard shed tinkerers, architects and artisans. Forward thinking stores and furniture manufacturers also feature. These companies either imported or created furniture which catered to a taste for the new.

The New Zealand Modern Collection represents the culmination of several years the Eagles’ have spent collecting rare and unique early local work. It offers a variety of designed responses to the question of how to adapt modernist thinking to a New Zealand context. It includes the work of some of the brightest and best New Zealand’s mid century creative minds.

Mid Century New Zealand Cleopatra Chaise_Sep 2016_HR_preview.jpeg


Imagery by Stephen Tilley | Location: McClew House, designed by Ken Albert in 1966 



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