"I Gave You All The Clues" by Henrietta Harris


Henrietta Harris is an Auckland based artist with a growing reputation both within New Zealand and internationally. Her work explores muted expressions created through experimentation of oil paint and brush strokes.

Experimenting with portraiture has been a key theme throughout Henrietta Harris’s work. Her approach to deconstructing portraits is drawn from wanting to combine abstraction and figurative themes into her work.

Henrietta Harris’s works are youthful and crafted with precision. Pieces from her collection “I Gave You All The Clues” include portraits of individuals that have been defaced using strokes of messy paint. The pink brushstrokes suggest an unanswered conflict for the viewer to interpret.

Henrietta’s exhibition, “I Gave You All The Clues”, is her first solo show in New Zealand since 2012. The exhibition is currently being held at the Melanie Roger Gallery.


“I Gave You All The Clues” | Henrietta Harris

Ends 4th November | Melanie Roger Gallery