'PK-Bowl' by Paul Kjærholm for Architectmade


Paul Kjærholm is one of Denmark’s greatest architect designers. He is a purist, known for his modern, functionalist furniture which is highly praised for its understated elegance and clean lines. His uncomprimising goal of “making form a part of function” helps peel away the superfluous, creating refined, timeless and utilitarian objects.

The ‘PK-Bowl’ is a stark contrast between square and round as well as the smooth inside and rough outside symbolizes the contrast between the feminine and masculine.

In 1963, Kjærholm designed the Fredicia Town Hall and created PK-600, a large, 250kg black marble bowl. This form, part sculpture, part functional object, was welcomed with remarkable public success. In response, Kjærholm designed its offspring, the ‘PK-Bowl’, so that everybody could enjoy it as a part of their own household.

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