Pleasuredome the musical

Image by Stephen Tilley

Image by Stephen Tilley

Against a New York City backdrop, Pleasuredome is a story of desire, addiction, greed and the power of love set in an underground club which grinds to the rhythm of the biggest hits of the 80’s.

Escape the daily grind and find yourself in New York! Upon arrival at the Pleasuredome venue, you’ll be transported back to 1984 and become completely immersed in a New York City street.

As you travel through the subway, feel the hum of the city; the taxis, the people, the music. With a swagger in your stride, step onto the street and wonder at the buildings, the storefronts, the graffiti. Become intoxicated by the smell of food stalls as the vendors hawk their mouthwatering wares. Watch the whoosh of steam rising up out of vents, and observe buskers as they jostle to entertain and impress.

With a hotdog in one hand and a beer from the bar in the other, rub shoulders with the have beens and will be's before venturing into Pleasuredome - the underground club where inhibitions come second to fun and doing what’s right is more important than the bottom line.

Directed by Michael Hurst, produced by Charlie McDermott and Rob Tapert, starring Lucy Lawless, Moses McKay, Ashleigh Barlow, Vince Harder, plus 20 of New Zealand’s best dancers and drag queens.