Founded in 2014 by Alessandro Sarfatti, Astep creates and curates meaningful design objects with a focus on contemporary lighting. 

Lighting has always been at the centre of life for Alessandro, working closely with his father, Ricardo Sarfatti, at Luceplan and studying the work of his grandfather, lighting master Gino Sarfatti. Alessandro Sarfatti studied Economic Sciences and joined Luceplan in 1996, the Italian lighting design company founded by his parents and Paolo Rizzatto in 1978. He became CEO of Luceplan in 2005, devoting much of his time to the process of product development until April 2013 when he left the company and moved to Copenhagen, committed to continuing to take lighting and design in new directions.

Honouring the vivid tradition and evolution of Italian design, Astep not only create new designs but also bring back to life timeless works that were born from a forward-thinking attitude and maintain the capacity to affect and enlighten our lives today. Astep combine the experience, knowledge and future-oriented outlook, that has been nurtured in the Sarfatti family for three generations, with the newest technology and likeminded, visionary designers of the present.

Astep strives to explore new possibilities to advance the relationship between people and their homes, respecting the meaning of evolution in design.

‘We must work in all directions and in each one find a small amount of innovation. My father used to say this, and his approach has proven to be true. As long as we continue towards something that is more meaningful, more substantial, more relevant, every move is valuable and deserve the same consideration and respect. This is the very core of Astep. To me, the essence of evolution is to capture the best of what has been and let it evolve into the heart of what is to come.'  - Alessandro Sarfatti