R.M.Williams x Blitz Motorcycles


R.M.Williams collaborated with French custom garage Blitz Motorcycles in creating a bespoke motorcycle and motorcycle boot - that paid homage to the Australian drovers.

The collaboration celebrated both craftsmanship and adventure, demonstrating a passion for handcrafting unique pieces designed to tell their own story, and go on to create many more.


The handcrafted bespoke scrambler, was inspired by the drovers who use motorcycles to herd cattle over the vast and unpredictable landscapes of the Australian Outback. Many of the original drover motorcycles were based on vintage parallel twin-engine bikes. To make these more efficient in the Outback, Blitz converted them into a scrambler model, meticulously following the customisations made by drovers in the mid 1900s.

The lowered frame and knobbly tyres were added to provide improved handling across the various terrains that drovers traverse on a daily basis - sand, desert and grassland - and, to complete the scrambler styling, track handlebars were added.

To complement the motorcycle R.M.Williams recreated two versions of their original ‘Motorcycle Boot’, first introduced in 1993. Made available in two leather options, Brown crocodile and Black New Zealand cowhide - a leather exclusive to the collaboration. The boots featured a tread rubber sole and 85 hand-held processes were involved in each boot’s creation.

The bike featured the same exotic Brown crocodile leather on its saddle, handlebar grips and tank straps - all handcrafted in the R.M.Williams workshop in Adelaide. The bike also featured a front plate emblazoned with RMW’s initials, and a race classification plate featuring the number 32 - the date R.M.Williams was founded.




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