The brand’s founder, Reginald Murray Williams, worked with expert craftspeople from all works of life, a legacy R.M.Williams honours today. Following in his footsteps, the brand has travelled the world to find craftsmen and women who are the best at what they do. This season’s beautifully handcrafted Burnish Collection has been inspired by the Australian landscape, and influenced by Italian Craftsmanship.

Artistry and craftsmanship are hallmarks of the collection. To master the burnishing technique for the Autumn Winter’ 18 collection, the brand has partnered with Duilio Girotti, an Italian craftsman and burnishing expert. He travelled from Rome to R.M.Williams’ workshop in Adelaide, South Australia, where he spent time with their craftspeople, sharing his knowledge and expertise.

The artisanal method brings out the richness and true characteristics of leather. First the boot upper is cut from unfinished hide; Italian dye is then applied by hand. This is followed by hours of polishing and buffing, with particular attention paid to the toe and heel. Colours are worked and re-worked to create a mesmerising tonal transition, and each one-piece-of-leather boot travels through 90 pairs of hands as it’s made. The process creates a beautiful richness and unique highs and lows on a boot.

With only a handful of craftsmen and women in the world who can execute the burnishing process at an expert level, collaborating with Duilio has allowed R.M.Williams to hone the technique and create an authentic collection that resonates in a truly Australian way. 

Much inspiration for the seasonal collection comes from the Australian landscape, and particularly its naturally burnished elements. The colour palette references dusty ochres, red earth and sun burned tans. The timeworn beauty of the brand’s archival saddlery and the richness that leather develops during years of use also helped inform the collection.

The Autumn Winter‘ 18 Burnished Collection is as unique as the landscape that helped shape it. The Burnished products include the men’s Chinchilla, Stockman’s Bucket Boot, Kintore Saddle Stitch, Kintore and women’s Adelaide and Millicent Boot.