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Having learned leather working skills from a passing horseman known as ‘Dollar Mick’ in the Flinders Ranges, Reginald Murray Williams (RM) resolves to try his hand at producing leather goods. His first success comes by selling saddles to the owner of a group of cattle stations, which enabled RM to set up shop in his father’s shed in the Adelaide suburb of Prospect, 1934. This location, still one of R.M.Williams retail outlets, now hosts the R.M.Williams Outback Heritage Museum.

The feature that set Reginald Murray Williams apart from his competitors stemmed from his aptitude for leatherwork. The upper, constructed using a single piece of leather, a method that enhances durability and creates a timeless, clean look, remains a staple production technique of R.M.Williams styles today.

R.M.Williams, Established in 1932.


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