mr. bigglesworthy

Mr. Bigglesworthy is run by Dan and Emma Eagle, purveyors of high end modernist furniture, objects and art. Together the couple source and skilfully curate original and iconic designs from NZ, the UK, Europe and America. Each piece is meticulously restored by hand, a process led by Dan's parents from the company's studio/workroom in Kingsland. The distinct Mr. Bigglesworthy style is further refined through the selection of upholstery fabrics, which respect the era, while giving a nod to contemporary design. 
Throughout their years of sourcing, traveling and collaborating with leading local and international auction houses, Dan and Emma have become experts in their field. Their Ponsonby Gallery showcases a wealth of knowledge of the modernist movement, and some of the period's most iconic and memorable designs.

Gallery: 15 Williamson Ave, Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ

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